The World Series

Welcome…this will be my little diary on the greatest game ever played. The Chicago White Sox are indeed the real champions — they played as a team and won the 2005 World Series. Hat’s off to Ozzie Guillen and the whole 2005 World Champion White Sox. This is a little special for me, because I also attended New York Tech (class of 1993) as did the Sox’s Pitching Coach Don Cooper. It would be great to see him with the Yankees, but I think he’s probably going to stay in Chicago. Anyway, Don, great job!


Welcome to MLBlogs!

Rock on!

🙂 Julie

Hey man u r great,, it is nice to see somebody who believe that the team that plays best wins, and not the team that have good history, like the yankees ot the cards.. i mean those teams depend on their history more than on their team, that’s why they haven’t been producing lately.. Don was our great pitching coach and he is the key to our pitching staff. he is great as well as ozzie…well, everyone played well this year, and the team that deserved it won it. even though that i wanted to see the sox face the cards, because they have more experince than the astros , but well it went like that… GO SOX..

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