WBC: Korea Wins Pool A Title

Pool A Standings

  1. Korea 3(W) 0(L) KOR 3, JPN 2
  2. Japan 2(W) 1(L) KOR 3, JPN 2
  3. Chinese Taipei 1(W) 2(L) TPE 12, CHN 3
  4. China 0(W) 3(L) TPE 12, CHN 3

Korea won the Pool A title and now will wait to play the next round, with the other pool teams beginning next week.


One thought on “WBC: Korea Wins Pool A Title

  1. Carl March 5, 2006 at 6:41 pm Reply

    Nice coverage, I haven’t really been following yet, but I’m not surprised Japan lost (w/o Matsui and Johjima). i really think people underestimate how good a pitcher Jae Seo has become. I’ll watch the Latin American games though-I saw Puerto Rico beat the Mets today w/ Beltran playing for PR.

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