WBC: USA is Out, November is Better

Bye, Bye USA

Well, this is it.

Team USA and the dream Buck Martinez had, was stopped short by Team Mexico. Now, George Steinbrenner can breath a sight of relief. Johnny Damon will be OK. Jeter has no black eyes and A-Rod is ready for the hot corner.

I must say, I enjoyed the Classic. It was a breath of fresh air for a long and drawn out winter. Now, with the hoopla over this weekend, the regular MLB season can start.

November is Better

One thing that must be pointed, and as I said in the past, November is much better for the World Baseball Classic. I wrote about this back in January and again, with the platform of MLBLogs, reiterate that the timing of this was not good. My mind was put to rest when Chipper Jones told Long Island Newsday that the "Classic should be moved to the fall." His main concern, as is mine, is that the players are in "game-shape" and "injuries will probably be minimal." I also don’t blame George Steinbrenner being concerned for Johnny Damon; after all, he’s under contract with the Yankees and not Team USA.

All I ask is that the Classic is kept alive and going, but just move it to November after the World Series.

It will be a homerun for everyone.


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