WBC: Japan Wins Classic

Japan Wins, But Cuba Rallies

In classic fashion, Japan won the Inaugural World Baseball Classic final yesterday beating Cuba 10-6. Japan didn’t wait, they surged to a 4-0 lead, but Cuba rallied in the eight inning. But, the teamwork of Japan, Ichiro and their leader, World Baseball Great Sadaharu Oh, they held off Cuba and won 10-6.

Cuba Can Change

Japan is known for their work ethic that can surpass any nation. Cuba, controlled by Communist Leader Fidel Castro, fought their way into the Classic and should be proud of what they accomplished. If Cuba changed their political views their baseball players could elevate to the next level of play — Major League Baseball.

2009, Next Classic

So, we will have to wait until 2009 for the next World Baseball Classic, which was created to showcase the World to Baseball. Tournaments will take place once every four years and MLB’s goal is to increase the number of Baseball Federations. In time, we may have a World Baseball League competing against the Major Leagues.


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