The Texas Connection

The A-Rod soap opera continues in today’s Sunday Edition newspapers. Like wildfire, the media outlets are going crazy. Long Island Newsday has an interesting story on the Texas Rangers link to steroids. You can read it at

Heres a list of names from the Rangers that have been linked to steroids:

1. Ken Caminiti
2. Juan Gonzalez
3. Mike Judd
4. Rafael Palmeiro
5. Herbert Perry
6. John Rocker
7. Ivan Rodriguez
8. Ismael Valdez
9. Randy Velarde
10. Steve Woodard.

I would say that a P.R. firm would help about now.

Until then, see ya at the park!

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One thought on “The Texas Connection

  1. juliasrants February 8, 2009 at 10:41 am Reply

    Will this ever end. I’ve written an open letter to Bud Selig today. Either he and MLB need to end this mess or else we fans will. It is truly a sad day for baseball.


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