According to David Letterman…

Here’s the top 10 reasons to watch the World Baseball Classic.

  1. “What else are you going to watch, hockey?”
  2. “Australia’s secret weapon: a fastball-throwin’ kangaroo.”
  3. “Before each game, you get to sit through 30 different national anthems.”
  4. “Because of the metric system, the games will be 6.83 innings.”
  5. “You’ll be part of a cherished baseball tradition dating back to 2006.”
  6. “It’s fascinating seeing how players from other countries scratch themselves.”
  7. “The winning team plays Neptune in the Galactic Baseball Classic.”
  8. “Because it’s an international event, our rightfielder is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”
  9. “Japan has one of them crazy robot shortstops.”
  10. “Due to the economic crisis, we all have to share the same pair of pants.”

Until then, see ya at the World Baseball Classic!

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One thought on “According to David Letterman…

  1. juliasrants March 8, 2009 at 10:44 am Reply

    I loved the list! You can see the video at


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