No More Ink

One-by-one they close.

The news is about newspapers, which are very close to my heart. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer stopped the presses yesterday and went to an all digital format. The Rocky Mountain News ceased all operations two-weeks ago and other major newspapers are in trouble.

It was the late 80’s when I got my start as a newspaper sportswriter and loved every minute of it. Working my way up to Long Island Newsday, where I got my feet wet, covering a Saturday afternoon football game and then rushing by car back to the newsroom to bang out my piece for the Sunday edition, was the dream. As the years went by, I switched to all digital writing, with an occasional piece appearing in a newspaper.

When I speak to classes about writing, I tell them I’m a newspaperman first because that’s what I am. But, the uncertain future about newspapers is sinking in. They are going away slowly and many writers are finding themselves on the unemployment line. I still have all my columns in my portfolio and cherish them. I still have the memory of the sports departments that I strolled in to write my piece. Slowly, the memory will fade and newspapers will forever be remembered.

Until then, see ya in sports!

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One thought on “No More Ink

  1. juliasrants March 18, 2009 at 4:46 pm Reply

    The Boston Globe is in a pretty bad financial situation and there is the chance they will go either all digital – or out of business – by the end of the year. So very sad.


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