Dugout Notes & Quotes

The series of all series is this weekend with the Yankees taking on the Red Sox at Fenway Park. Interesting story in Long Island Newsday that Joe Girardi is fighting to keep his job, while Terry Francona doesn’t have to worry about his job. On my radio show Baseball Talk I stated that Girardi has until the middle of the season and then he’s out. I stand by my statement.

Looks like Xavier Nady will not need surgery, but just rehab on his arm. Good news for the Yankees. They are also set to put Chien-Ming Wang on the DL and see if they can help him with  his mechanics. 

MLB Standings

AL East

Toronto 12-5
Yankees 9-6
Red Sox 9-6
Orioles 8-9
Rays 6-10

AL Central

White Sox 8-7
Tigers 8-7
Royals 8-7
Twins 8-9
Indians 6-11

AL West

Mariners 10-6
Rangers 7-9
Angels 6-9
A’s 5-9

NL East

Marlins 11-4
Braves 7-8
Phillies 6-8
Mets 6-9
Nationals 3-11

NL Central

Cardinals 11-5
Reds 9-6
Pirates 9-6
Cubs 8-6
Brewers 6-9
Astros 6-10

NL West

Dodgers 11-5
Padres 9-6
Giants 6-8
Diamondbacks 6-9
Rockies 5-9

Jose Reyes of the Mets keeps hitting the ball pretty good with 939 career hits. He’s tied for 10th with former Met Keith Hernandez on the Mets’ all-time hits list. Here’s a list of the most hitting Mets:

1. Ed Kranepool 1,418
2. Cleon Jones 1,188
3. Edgardo Alfonzo 1,136
4. Mookie Wilson 1,112
5. Bud Harrelson 1,029
6. Mike Piazza 1,028
7. Darryl Strawberry 1,025
8. Howard Johnson 997
9. Jerry Grote 994
10. Keith Hernandez 939
10. Jose Reyes 939

Until then see ya at the park!

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One thought on “Dugout Notes & Quotes

  1. juliasrants April 25, 2009 at 9:16 am Reply

    I think it should read 10-6 for the Red Sox and 9-7 for the Yankees! 🙂


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