Tough Times for Baseball

The Yankees and Mets have new stadiums with plenty of seating. The problem: a lot of empty seats, especially at Yankee Stadium. Tough times with the economy is also hitting baseball hard. It baffles me when I’m watching the YES Network and see all those empty seats around home plate.

With that, the Yankees decided to slash ticket prices. Here’s what type of seating you’ll get for the buck:

First-row Legends suite.
#2,500 lowered to $1,250.

First-row seats.
$1,000 lowered to $650.

First-row season tickets.
Same price: $2,500.

Other seating around the stadium will stay the same.  Also the Yankees have the highest payroll ($201.5 million) and the highest average ticket price ($72.97).

MLB financial information

Highest payroll: $201.5 million (Yankees).
Lowest payroll: $36.8 million (Marlins).
Highest salary: $33 million (A-Rod, Yankees).
Lowest salary: $400,000 (Many MLB players).
Average salary: $3.26 million (Around MLB).
Highest average ticket price: $72.97 (Yankees).
Lowest average ticket price: $14.31 (Diamonbacks).

Just think for $10 and free parking you can go see the Long Island Ducks play. Now, in these tough economic times, that’s a bargain.

Until then, see ya at the park!

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One thought on “Tough Times for Baseball

  1. juliasrants May 4, 2009 at 2:39 pm Reply

    $10 & free parking gets you in to see the PawSox and I get to see many star Red Sox players there as well. It’s great that the Yankees lowered their prices – but can many people still afford $1,250 or $650 per ticket?


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