A-Rod and Sports Illustrated

Just received my issue of Sports Illustrated in the mail and again we are dealing with another saga in the A-Rod soap opera. This time it’s the book “A-Rod” by SI writer Selena Roberts. There’s also more saga about his alleged steroid use and that it began when he was in high school. The Yankees are already hurting and don’t need the added distraction of a book. Really can’t blame A-Rod this time because he didn’t write the book and he finally said to the media that he “doesn’t want to go there.”

I don’t mean to be hard on Joe Girardi, but I think he needs to take control of a team that’s hurting. Girardi was given a good thing, after a long winning career with Joe Torre, and I want to see him be successful. 

Will be off a couple of days to see Keith Urban at the Mohegan Sun arena with my girlfriend. Not much into country, but my girlfriend is a huge fan.

Until then, see you in Monkeyville!

P.S. Monkeyville is Keith Urban’s fan club.

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Enjoy the show! I like country! 🙂 And A-Rod has some of the pressure off him now with the Manny news!


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