About dugoutdiary

Joe Boesch is a graduate of the New York
Institute of Technology and currently working on his Masters
Degree in Communications. He’s appeared on MLB Radio, MLB TV,
Blog Talk Radio and various other media. Besides writing for
MLBlogs, he also writes for MLB.com, Orioles.com, The
Baseball Report, Mets Daily and FOX Sports Blogs. He also
hosts with Carl “The Cabbie” Shimkin the radio show “Baseball
Talk with Carl “The Cabbie” and Dugout Joe. He’s also written
for: Long Island Newsday, The New York Post, Fan, News
Photographer, Gridlock, The Islander News, This Week and
Messenger-Review. He’s also the author of Game Notes: A
Collection of Sports Stories and contributed to the book
Baseball Stories for the Soul with his poem: America’s
Pastime. He currently resides in Long Island, where most of
the time he’s writing or watching baseball.


Writing, baseball, music,

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