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— Joe Boesch

A Beauty…

— Joe Boesch

Case Closed

Two brothers had an argument on the best baseball team in New York.

“You know the Yankees were the best team with all their glory years,” the older brother insisted.

“No way, the Mets…remember ‘69?” the younger brother lashed back.

“Why don’t you jump on the Giants bandwagon, while you’re at it?” the older brother yelled back.

“I resent that,” the younger brother said.

Their father walked in the room and asked what was the problem?

They both told him.

He replied: “You’re both wrong, the Brooklyn Dodgers were the best baseball team in New York. Case closed.”

— Joe Boesch

Mr. Judge meet Mr. Ruth

— Joe Boesch

Memorial Day and Baseball

As we celebrate Memorial Day this weekend, there are many things to remember and celebrate — either it be baseball or the history of this great nation. Baseball does play an important part in shaping America. When 9/11 happened, it was baseball that shaped the United States and brought it back on its feet. It’s baseball that brings smiles to so many soldiers, sailors, marines, etc., serving this great country. It’s baseball that will be played today, as this holiday is observed, as many of the teams will be wearing the American flag on their hat or sleeve.

This holiday weekend is all too familiar to this baseball scribe. Serving as part of a security force in the Navy Reserves, I was proud to wear the uniform. I was happy when people would come up to myself and my buddies in my unit and say “thank you for your service.” I was happy when we would just sit around, to make the time go by, and talk baseball — joke around about the best team of the century, either it be the Yankees, Red Sox, or now maybe even the Mets. It was when on AT that the bat, ball and glove came out and we hit fungos and played catch.

Coming from a military family, it means just that much more. My late Grandfather served in the U.S. Army, my Father served for 23 years (four Navy, the rest Army) and my Uncle served in the Navy. So, as we flip burgers and hot dogs and listen to the game on the radio, let’s really remember what today is all about. Let’s remember the invasion of Omaha Beach or the service people in Iraq and Afghanistan. We can’t turn our backs on them, but pray for them. If we do see someone in uniform, say “thank you”and see the smile you will bring to their face.

Let’s put all political feelings aside and remember this day, not for just baseball, but for the military.

— Joe Boesch

Memorial Day…We Remember

— Joe Boesch

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