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Homerun Derby ’08

Here’s this years field for the Homerun Derby. Who’s your favorite to win?


Lance Berkman

Houston Astros
281 22  <!– 400K–>
Ryan Braun

Milwaukee Brewers
56 22  <!– 400K–>
Josh Hamilton

Texas Rangers
39 20  <!– 400K–>
Evan Longoria

Tampa Bay Rays
16 16  <!– 400K–>
Justin Morneau

Minnesota Twins
124 14  <!– 400K–>
Grady Sizemore

Cleveland Indians
100 22  <!– 400K–>
Dan Uggla

Florida Marlins
81 23  <!– 400K–>
Chase Utley

Philadelphia Phillies
122 25


Past Winners of Homerun Derby:

2007 VladimirGuerrero 17 400K
2006 Ryan Howard 23 350K
2005 Bobby Abreu 41 350K
2004 Miguel Tejada 27 350K
2003 Garret Anderson 22
2002 Jason Giambi 24


Until then, see ya at the Homerun Derby!

All-Star FanFest

Finally in New York.

That’s right — finally it’s an All-Star summer in the Big Apple. Finally we have the glory to shine for America’s greatest game. Finally, we have the title of hosting the fan favorite All-Star game.

Went to the All-Star FanFest yesterday and I’ll be posting a ton of pictures from it. Had the opportunity to meet Billy Sample, Jack McDowell, Jeff Nelson and Harold Reynolds. Let me just say that Reynolds is a gentleman, McDowell funny as ever, Sample an historian and Nelson nice and engaging. Also met Mike and the Mad Dog and it looks like there’s no rivalry there. So, running until July 15th head over to The Javits Center get your tickets and enjoy a lineup of festivities — from a USA Today cover photo to the Homerun Derby to many other challenges and exhibits available.

Until then, see at the All-Star game.

Back in the Saddle

Yes…I’ve been a bad boy! A bad boy in the
sense that I haven’t written anything and have been sucked up
in my real job. I’m back and will be posting regularly again
like I have in the past. For all the new bloggers out there,
I’ve been with MLBlogs for about three years now and must say
that Mark Newman does a real good job. He’s down-to-earth and
gives everyone a chance in so many different ways. As my old
professor from college told me “don’t burn any bridges.” I
will be at the All-Star Fan Fest on Saturday with camera in
hand. It should be fun and does good for the game. Until
then, see ya at the park!

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