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Baseball Talk Radio Show #3

Hey Baseball Fans,

Baseball Talk Radio Show will be airing live today at 1:00 (EST) and our guest will be Zack Hample author of "Watching Baseball Smarter: A Professional Fan’s Guide for beginners, Semi-experts and Deeply Serious Geeks."

In the MLBlogs community he’s known as The Baseball Collector, with his baseball count total at 3,014 snagged baseballs. If you’re not doing anything and want to call and ask Zack some questions the number is: (646) 478-4570. And, if you’re around and not doing anything give a call and we will get you on the show. The call in number is: (646) 478-4570.

Until then, see ya in the radio booth!

Internet Radio Appearance

Just a note that I will be appearing on The Tim Kuda Baseball Show this Saturday at 11:30 p.m. (Eastern Time). The show is part of the Radio Blog Network and can be heard at the following link: http://www.timkuda.com The show runs for an hour, and they would like me to be on for the whole hour. They also have a phone line to call in or you can IM questions. It should be fun!

Until then, see ya in the radio booth!

The Power of the Media

Since I appeared on "Under the Lights" on MLB Radio and MLB TV, I’ve been criticized, noticed and talked down to about my predictions. This is what it’s all about.

However, all kidding aside, I was overheard by author John Hanc, who’s writing a book on the history of Jones Beach State Park in Long Island. In my interview with Pete McCarthy, I mentioned about how former Major League pitcher John Habyan used to run on the beach to build up his leg strength. Well, I was offered to be published in the book about my John Habyan story.

I bring this up because you never know who’s listening or watching and the luck you might have from appearing on Radio and TV. So, as Mark Newman said in the past, speak up and appear on MLB Radio.

Believe me, it’s good exposure and an awesome experience.

Under The Lights

Now that I’ll be on "Under the Lights" tonight as MLBLogger of the week, everything seems to be falling into place. What a great way to just talk baseball and promote something you love to do. For the last 18-years that I’ve spent writing, it has been indeed fun and also a dream come true.

My passion, hardwork and determination now becomes greater. I never take anything for granted with writing or baseball, because I’m one of the lucky ones to blog and write about America’s Game. So, a little self promotion does go a long way and take every opportunity that MLB gives. So, I’ll see you at the show and proud to be "Under the Lights."

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