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HOF Snub

All along many thought the Roberto Alomar was a shoe-in to the Hall
of Fame. But, the few votes he didn’t receive were because of his past
and treatment of umpires.

Marty Noble of punished him for it, and I believe rightly
so, after he appeared on the MLB Network and defended his decision.

The top five HOF votes:

Andre Dawson 420 votes 77.9%
Bert Byline 400 votes 74.2%
Roberto Alomar 397 votes 73.7%
Jack Morris 282 votes 52.3%
Barry Lark in 278 votes 51.6%

Until then, see ya in Cooperstown.

’09 HOF Voting

Finally Jim Rice made the Hall of Fame.
Everyone knew Rickey Henderson would be voted in, but it was in question for Rice.

Jim Rice Stats:

Home Runs 382
RBI’s 1,451
.298 Batting Average
8 All-Star Game selections
1 MVP Award

Rickey Henderson Stats:

Stolen Bases 1,406
Runs 2,295
Walks 2,190
Hits 3,055
Times on Base 5,343
10 All-Star Game selections
1 MVP Award

Final Voting

539 Votes cast, 405 needed

Rickey Henderson 511 94.8%
Jim Rice 412 76.4%
Andre Dawson 361 67.0%
Bert Blyleven 338 62.7%
Lee Smith 240 44.5%
Jack Morris 237 44.0%
tommy John 171 31.7%
Tim Raines 122 22.6%
Mark McGwire 118 21.9%
Alan Trammell 94 17.4%
Dave Parker 81 15.0%
Don Mattingly 64 11.9%
Dale Murphy 62 11.5%
Harold Baines 32 5.9%

Off The Ballot

Mark Grace 22 4.1%
David Cone 21 3.9%
Matt Williams 7 1.3%
Mo Vaughn 6 1.1%
Jay Bell 2 0.4%
Jesse Orosco 1 0.2%
Ron Gant 0
Dan Plesac 0
Greg Vaughn 0

Until then, see ya in Cooperstown!

Save the Hall of Fame Game

the Hall of Fame Game



Selig Is Asked to Meet with in Cooperstown Next Month

COOPERSTOWN, NY (June 20, 2008) — The
campaign today sent a two-page letter to Major League Baseball
Commissioner Bud Selig to request a meeting while the commissioner is
in Cooperstown next month for the Hall of Fame’s Induction ceremony.
The Hall of Fame’s Induction Weekend is July 25-28.

In the letter, which was both mailed and faxed to the commissioner’s Milwaukee office,
creator and Cooperstown native Kristian Connolly asks Mr. Selig for
“the opportunity to discuss with you the passion that exists for
keeping a great American and baseball tradition alive, share some of
the sentiment that is out there with regard to the choice that the
league and the players union made in deciding to end it, and have an
open discussion about options for retaining Major League Baseball’s
participation in the Hall of Fame Game, as it has been since 1940.”

Full text of the letter is copied below, and includes
a poem also sent to the commissioner that was written and sent to by baseball fan Dennis Segrue. The poem mimics
Thayer’s famous baseball poem “Casey at the Bat”, and has the Hall of
Fame Game, Cooperstown and Commissioner Selig as its topic.

Earlier this week,
was in Cooperstown for 2008 Hall of Fame Game festivities, including
the Cooperstown Game Day Parade, and its efforts have helped result in
an average of nearly 100 emailed letters per day going to Commissioner
Selig, MLB president Bob Dupuy, Players Association head Don Fehr and
Hall of Fame president Jeff Idelson over the past week, all asking them
to reverse the decision to end the annual Hall of Fame Game after 2008.

Books for Soldiers

Rice Belongs in Hall

2008 Hall of Fame Results

Gossage, Rich


Rice, Jim 392    72.2%
Dawson, Andre 358 65.9%
Blyleven, Bert 336 61.9%
Smith, Lee 235 43.3%
Morris, Jack 233 42.9%
John, Tommy 158 29.1%
Raines, Tim 132 24.3%
McGwire, Mark 128 23.6%
Trammell, Alan 99 18.2%
Concepcion, Dave 88 16.2%
Mattingly, Don 86 15.8%
Parker, Dave 82 15.1%
Murphy, Dale 75 13.8%
Baines, Harold 28 5.2%
Beck, Rod 2 0.4%
Fryman, Travis 2 0.4%
Nen, Robb 2 0.4%
Dunston, Shawon 1 0.2%
Finley, Chuck 1 0.2%
Justice, David 1 0.2%
Knoblauch, Chuck 1 0.2%
Stottlemyre,Todd 1 0.2%
Anderson, Brady 0 0.0%
Rijo, Jose 0 0.0%

We’ll Miss You Scooter


Tonygwynn_3 Calripken_4

The Written Game

On January 9th, Cal Ripken, Jr., and Tony Gwynn were voted into Cooperstown and will be enshrined like many who have contributed to the game of baseball.

Especially during the baseball season, I make a point to read cover-to-cover the sports sections of the New York Times, Newsday and other periodicals on the game. Sportswriters bring Baseballpressboxthe game to another level — line-by-line, they tell us about what happened before, during and after the game. They, by all accounts, have the best seat in the house and have their own stars.

So, when Ripken and Gwynn make their Cooperstown acceptance speech, they will also be joined by the winner of the J.G. Taylor Spink Award. For all that want to get in to the business, this is the highest award given by the Baseball Writers Association of America to its members that have made a significant difference to the game. This award came about in 1962 and was named after J.G. Taylor Spink, who was publisher of The Sporting News from 1914 to 1962. He was also the first recipient of the award.

Though they are not members of the Hall, they are recognized in an exhibit that is displayed at the Hall. Some of the bylines you see in your local newspaper, maybe the next J.G. Taylor Spink Award winner. They bring the game to us in words, a crafted story told line-by-line.

Recipients of the J.G. Taylor Spink Award:

  • 1962J.G. Taylor Spink
  • 1963Ring Lardner
  • 1964Hugh Fullerton
  • 1965Charles Dryden
  • 1966Grantland Rice
  • 1967Damon Runyon
  • 1968Harry G. Salsinger
  • 1969Sid Mercer
  • 1970Heywood C. Broun
  • 1971Frank Graham
  • 1972Dan Daniel, Fred Lieb, and J. Roy Stockton
  • 1973Warren Brown, John Drebinger, and John F. Kieran
  • 1974John Carmichael and James Isaminger
  • 1975Tom Meany and Shirley Povich
  • 1976Harold Kaese and Red Smith
  • 1977Gordon Cobbledick and Edgar Munzel
  • 1978Tim Murnane and **** Young
  • 1979Bob Broeg and Tommy Holmes
  • 1980Joe Reichler and Milton Richman
  • 1981Allen Lewis and Bob Addie
  • 1982Si Burick
  • 1983Ken Smith
  • 1984Joe McGuff
  • 1985Earl Lawson
  • 1986Jack Lang
  • 1987Jim Murray
  • 1988Bob Hunter and Ray Kelly
  • 1989Jerome Holtzman
  • 1990Phil Collier
  • 1991Ritter Collett
  • 1992Leonard Koppett and Bus Saidt
  • 1993Wendell Smith
  • 1994 – No Award Presented
  • 1995Joe Durso
  • 1996Charley Feeney
  • 1997Sam Lacy
  • 1998Bob Stevens
  • 1999Hal Lebovitz
  • 2000Ross Newhan
  • 2001Joe Falls
  • 2002Hal McCoy
  • 2003Murray Chass
  • 2004Peter Gammons
  • 2005Tracy Ringolsby
  • 2006Rick Hummel

    Until then, see ya at the pressbox!

  • Ripken & Gwynn’s Top Ten

    10. "While traveling the country, I can shower with any team I choose"
    9. "Can now advertise my garage sales as ‘Hall of Fame garage sales’"
    8. "George Steinbrenner just offered me $20 million to play again"
    7. "On Bobblehead Day, guess who gets two bobbleheads?"
    6. "At any moment, there’s a good chance Bob Costas is boring someone with stories about me"
    5. "It’s nice to be mentioned in the same breath as Arky Vaughan, Burleigh Grimes, and Gabby Hartnett"
    4. "Free chalupa from Taco Bell if I mention them in my induction speech"
    3. "Made all those years playing in southern California’s lousy climate worth it"
    2. "I can now admit I broke my streak in 1998 because I had tickets to ‘Les Mis’"
    1. "Get to be on national television– even if it is this show"
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