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Interleague Begins

Here it is Interleague play. 

With traffic in New York yesterday, I sure hope it was Interleague play that caused it. Of course, I know it’s the holiday weekend. With a 30-mile back-up on the Cross Bronx Expressway, I gathered that all Phillies’ fans were making the trek over the George Washington Bridge to  Yankee Stadium and Mets’ fans were making the drive to Boston. What normally takes me 35-minutes to get to Long Island, took almost 2 hours. Ouch! A lot of listening to Mike’d Up, Little Big Town, 1010 Wins, Metallica, etc.

The Mets still look good beating the Red Sox 5 to 3, while the Yankees lost it to the Phillies 7, 3. Another day, another game. Toronto is slowly losing their lead in the American League East with Boston one-game back and the Yankees two back.

So it goes, keep on driving and watching Baseball this Memorial Day weekend. This is what it is all about. And, by the way, if you’re in New York stop and see Fleet Week and tell a member of the Military “Thank You!”

Until then, see ya at the Cross Bronx!

P.S. I served proudly for 8 years! 
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