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WBC: Round 2 Matchups

Round 2 Pool 1: Anaheim, California

  • 3/12 Japan vs. United States Angel Stadium
  • 3/12 Mexico vs. Korea Angel Stadium
  • 3/13 United States vs. Korea Angel Stadium
  • 3/14 Japan vs. Mexico Angel Stadium
  • 3/15 Korea vs. Japan Angel Stadium
  • 3/16 United States vs. Mexico Angel Stadium

Pool 2 San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • 3/12 Pool C Runner-up vs. Venezuela Hiram Bithrom Stadium
  • 3/12 Pool C Winner vs. Dominican Republic Hiram Bithrom Stadium
  • 3/13 Dominican Republic vs. Pool C Runner-up Hiram Bithrom Stadium
  • 3/13 Venezuela vs. Pool C Winner Hiram Bithrom Stadium
  • 3/14 Venezuela vs. Dominican Republic Hiram Bithrom Stadium
  • 3/15 Pool C Runner-up vs. Pool C Winner Hiram Bithrom Stadium

After that, then the finals will be played at PETCO Park in San Diego, California.

WBC: Standings Pool B, C & D

WBC Standings Pool B, C & D

Pool B

  1. Canada 2(W) 0(L) CAN 8, USA 6
  2. Mexico 1(W) 1(L) MEX 10, RSA 4
  3. United States 1(W), 1(L) CAN 8, USA 6
  4. South Africa 0(W), 2(L) MEX 10, RSA 4

Pool C

  1. Puerto Rico 2, 0 PUR 8, NED 3
  2. Cuba 1, 0 CUB 8, PAN 6
  3. Netherlands 0, 1 PUR 8, NED 3
  4. Panama 0, 2 CUB 8, PAN 6

Pool D

  1. Dominican Republic 2, 0 DOM 8, ITA 3
  2. Venezuela 1, 1 VEN 6, ITA 0
  3. Italy 1, 2 DOM 8, ITA 3
  4. Australia 0, 1 ITA 10, AUS 0

Batting Leaders Top 5

  1. Yulieski Gourriel CUB .750
  2. Adam Stern CAN .714
  3. Raylinoe Legito NED .667
  4. Brett Willemburg RSA .625
  5. Karim Garcia MEX .600

Pitching Leaders Top 5

  1. Adam Lowen CAN 1, 0 0.00
  2. Bartolo Colon DOM 1, 0 0.00
  3. Elmer Demens MEX 0,0 0.00 2.0 IP
  4. Chan Ho Park KOR 0,0 0.00 4.0 IP
  5. Freddy Garci VEN 1, 0 0.00

WBC: Standings

Here’s the WBC standing up-to-date:

Pool B

  1. United States 1(W), 0(L) USA 2, MEX 0
  2. Canada 0(W), 0(L)
  3. South Africa 0(W), 0(L)
  4. Mexico 0(W), 1(L) USA 2, MEX o

Pool D

  1. Dominican Republic 1(W), 0(L) DOM 11, VEN 5
  2. Australia 0(W), 0(L)
  3. Italy 0(W), 0(L)
  4. Venezuela 0(W), 1(L) DOM 11, VEN 5

Team Pitching

  1. United States 1-0 0.00 ERA
  2. Korea 3-0 1.00 ERA
  3. Mexico 0-1 2.25 ERA
  4. Japan 2-1 3.00 ERA
  5. Dominican Republic 1-0 5.00 ERA
  6. Chinese Taipei 1-2 6.84 ERA
  7. China 0-3 9.72 ERA
  8. Venezuela 0-1 10.00 ERA

Team Batting

  1. Japan .356
  2. Dominican Republic .333
  3. Korea .313
  4. Venezuela .286
  5. Chinese Taipei .265
  6. United States .207
  7. China .185
  8. Mexico .138


Today is a sad day in baseball, with the passing of Kirby Puckett. I remember as a young sportswriter, I interviewed New York Times Sports Columnist Ira Berkow and we talked about Kirby Puckett. How for such a small person, he was one of the best in the game. He’ll be missed and we’ll remember Kirby Puckett for his style of play. RIP Kirby, we miss you already!

WBC: Korea Wins Pool A Title

Pool A Standings

  1. Korea 3(W) 0(L) KOR 3, JPN 2
  2. Japan 2(W) 1(L) KOR 3, JPN 2
  3. Chinese Taipei 1(W) 2(L) TPE 12, CHN 3
  4. China 0(W) 3(L) TPE 12, CHN 3

Korea won the Pool A title and now will wait to play the next round, with the other pool teams beginning next week.

WBC: The Managers

With every WBC baseball team, is a good manager. Listed below are the managers of each team and their backgrounds relating to baseball.

WBC Managers:

Team Mexico: Paquin Estrada, played over 30 years in the Mexican Baseball League. Has 33 years managerial experience and played in one game for the Mets in 1971.

Team Panama: Anibal Reluz Vasquez, scout with the Astros from 1991-2002. Has extensive coaching experience.

Team South Africa: Rick Magnante, extensive managing and scouting experience with the Tigers and A’s.

Team Cuba: Higinio Velez, Manager in the Cuban League.

Team Dominican Republic: Manny Acta, played six seasons in the Astros’ Minor League system. Currently, third base coach with the Mets.

Team Italy: Matt Galante, Special Assistant to the GM with the Astros. Part of the 2002 Mets’ Coaching staff.

Team Korea: In-Sik Kim, managing since 1972. Lead Team Korea to the Bronze Medal at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.

Team Australia: Jon Deeble, Head Coach in the 2004 Olympic Games for Australia. Scout with the Red Sox in the Pacific Region.

Team Chinese Taipei: Hua-Wei Lin, former national team manager. Bronze finish at the 2001 IBAF World Cup.

Team USA: Buck Martinez, played 1969 to 1986 with the Royals, Brewers and Blue Jays. Managed the Blue Jays in 2001 and 2002.

Team China: Jim Lefebvre, played 1965 to 1972 with the Dodgers. Member of the 1965 World Champion Dodgers. Managed the Mariners from 1989 to 1991, the Cubs from 1992 to 1993 and the Brewers in 1999.

Team Canada: Ernie Whitt, played from 1976 to 1991 with the Red Sox, Blue Jays, Braves and Orioles. Played on the 1985 All-Star team.

Team Venezuela: Luis Sojo, played 1990 to 2003 with the Blue Jays, Angels, Mariners, Pirates and Yankees. Member of the 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2000 Yankees World Championship teams.

Team Netherlands: Robert Eenhoorn, played 1994 to 1997 with the Yankees and Angels.

Team Puerto Rico: Jose Oquendo, played 1983 to 1995 with the Mets and Cardinals. Played in the 1987 World Series.

Team Japan: Sadaharu Oh, see earlier story on his career.

WBC: Pool A Standings

To date, here’s the standings for Pool A teams.

Pool A Standings

  1. Korea 2(W) 0(L) Last game: KOR 2, TPE 0
  2. Japan 2(W) 0(L) Last Game: JPN 18, CHN 2
  3. Chinese Taipei 0(W) 2(L) Last Game: KOR 2, TPE 0
  4. China 0(W) 2(L) Last Game: JPN 18, CHN 2

Team Batting

  1. Japan .423
  2. Korea .377
  3. Chinese Taipei .203
  4. China .155

Team Pitching

  1. Korea 2(W) 0(L) 0.50 ERA
  2. Japan 2(W) 0(L) 3.00 ERA
  3. Chinese Taipei 0(W) 2(L) 9.00 ERA
  4. China 0(W) 2(L) 13.50 ERA

WBC: Japan’s Sadaharu Oh

On the Major League level, Hank Aaron is known for his 755 home runs, however there is one player that surpasses him — Sadaharu Oh.

Oh played for the famed Yomiuri Giants of the Japanese League, where we saw last season former Mets’ Manager Bobby Valentine lead them to the Japanese Championship. The thing that stands out about Oh, is that he’s the reigning home run King, doing it all naturally. Oh amassed an amazing 868 career home runs, 2,786 hits, 2,170 RBI’s and a lifetime batting average of .301.

In 1959, Oh signed with the Yomiuri Giants as a pitcher and then switched to first base, where he continued to improve his hitting skills and batting stance.

Some of Oh’s other baseball achievements are:

  • Drove in most runs for thirteen straight seasons.
  • Led the Japanese League in home runs for fifteen seasons, thirteen straight.
  • Five-time batting champion.
  • Japanese batting triple crown twice.
  • With the Giants, won eleven championships.
  • Named Japanese League MVP nine times.
  • Named to the All-Star team eighteen times.
  • Inducted into the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame in 1994.
  • Managed the Yomiuri Giants and the Fukuoka Daiei Hawks.

Besides the above, we can see Oh managing the WBC’s Japanese team. The only thing missing for Sadaharu Oh is enshrinement into Cooperstown. Will it happen? Some don’t think so, however I think he should be enshrined next to Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, and others. Hats off to Sadaharu Oh, a great baseball player.

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