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Around the League & Antarctica

the weather seems to be getting nicer, the sun is shining and Spring
Training is in full swing. This is what baseball fans wait for each
season, the start of summer. All the hoopla surrounding A-Rod, should fade away if he just tells the truth. But, who knows what A-Rod has up his sleeve? Do you believe A-Rod?

Johnny Damon and Xavier Nady
are in a financial pinch, after seeing their assets frozen by
investigators who are investigating the Robert Allen Stanford Company.
Anybody have a few bucks to offer?

Tom Glavine signed a one-year, $1 million contract with the Atlanta Braves on Friday. Looking on the West Coast, second-baseman Orlando Hudson signed a $3.4 million, one-year contract with the Dodgers. He’s expected to fill the void Jeff Kent left announcing his retirement this past winter. Also, David Ortiz is still complaining about soreness in his left shoulder and sat out of the Red Sox workout session.

For all you Mets fans, take a look at Flushing9.com, brought to you by scribe John Strubel. Similar to what the Sporting News offers, Strubel has a Mets digital magazine. Interesting stuff.

The Coolest Race

All interested runners, take a look at John Hanc’s new book: “The Coolest Race on Earth: Mud, Madmen, Glaciers and Grannies at the Antarctica Marathon.” I’ve
known John for the last 20-years from the New York Institute of
Technology and writing. A great scribe, who authored seven previous
books, John’s byline can be seen in Newsday, The New York Times, Runner’s World, etc. By the way, he did complete 24 marathons.

Until then, see ya in Antarctica!

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