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Back on Track

It seems after the wild and strange press conference Monday, the Mets are back to playing baseball and winning.


Many sports media outlets think the Mets have finally turned the page after a hectic week of finger-pointing and verbal shots. Let’s hope this is all true? It’s time for baseball and not a soap opera. I must admit I thought I was watching “As The World Turns.”

With that, Omar Minaya better get to the waiver wire and start making some trades and turn this team around.

Until then, see ya at Citifield!

The Mets Train Wreck

Now it is official — the Mets are not a train wreck waiting to happen, but one.

The Mets press conference today with GM Omar Minaya turned into a circus.

Too much drama.

Too much dirty laundry.

It is time for Minaya to go and a further investigation into his comments about Daily News writer Adam Rubin lobbying for a front office job with the Mets.

If it is true that Rubin lobbied for a job? Then there is much more to the story than we know. This circus today only made the Mets look foolish. Time for the Wilpons to take control of their team and bring in new leadership.

I am sure this is not the last of word of the Minaya vs. Rubin fiasco. The Mets are a shame. The Mets need help.

One The Road: Philly

Traveling tomorrow to watch the Phillies and Cubs play at Citizens Bank Park. I hope the weather holds since it is about a two hour drive from my house on Long Island. We shall see. 

Also, since MLBlogs doesn’t support mobile blogging — unless it does and I am not aware of it — I’ll be posting from the game on my other baseball blog The Baseball Pad. I hope in the future MLBlogs will support this, so I can post from my Blackberry.

Right now, I’m watching the Mets on SNY and listening to Omar Minaya state his case about the team and his decisions on trades, etc. I think Minaya’s job might be in jeopardy? I’m not impressed with Minaya or Jerry Manuel because the Mets need to make some moves quickly.
Off to Philly! 
Unitl then, see ya at Citizens Bank Park!
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