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Still In

The United States beat the popular Netherlands team 9 to 3 with the help of Jimmy Rollins two-run homer. Just when the hopes of the U.S. looked sour, there’s still another game to play. They are alive for now.

Other WBC Scores

  • Japan beat Cuba 6-0.
  • Korea 8, Mexico 2.

Rumor Mill

It has been rumored that Max Kellerman, who resigned from ESPN Radio last week, will be Mike Francesa’s new partner on WFAN. I don’t think it will work if it does happen. I think there might be more fighting with Max and worse than when Mad Dog was with Mike.

Until then see ya at the park!

Manny being Manny

Finally Manny Ramirez agreed in principal with the Dodgers on a new contract. $45 million to be exact. Not too bad for someone holding out. The New York Post quoted Joe Torre saying “we’re close on getting Manny on the field, and I think he’s basically champing at the bit to get the uniform on. After last year and the time he spent with us, we knew we wanted him back.”

Where Manny sits in annual salaries

  • Alex Rodriguez $27.5M 
  • CC Sabathia $23.0M
  • Johan Santana $22.9M
  • Mark Teixeira $22.5M
  • Manny Ramirez $22.5M
  • Miguel Cabrera $19.0M
  • Derek Jeter $18.9M

World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic is underway. Checkout the MLB Network for up-to-the date news and games on the WBC.

Johan Santana

Johan Santana says he’s ready for Opening Day. The events that led up to this on Santana:

  • Last Saturday his announcement of elbow tendinitis puts his Opening Day start in jeopardy.
  • Last Sunday will pitch a 31-pitch bullpen session.
  • Last Tuesday he’s behind schedule
  • Last Wednesday after a 46-pitch bullpen session, he’ll be ready.

A-Rod’s Treatment

A-Rod has a torn labrum in his right hip, which was caused by a large cyst. His treatment options are:

  1. Rest, Heat and cold treatments with exercise and rehab sessions.
  2. Surgery
  3. Offseason Surgery

We’ll have to wait and see, but the Yankees are hurting.

Until then, see ya at Spring Training!

WBC ’09 Venues

On March 5, the World Baseball Classic is back with much of the fanfare it had in 2006. International teams will be playing on the International level to be bestowed the best team in the World. The WBC will take our minds off of the negative news that has been surrounding the game within the last couple of weeks.

Here’s a look at the venues and bracket breakdowns:

Round 1 Venues

Pool A Tokyo Dome
Pool B Mexico City
Pool C Toronto
Pool D San Juan

Round 2 Venues

Pool 1: San Diego
Pool 2: Miami

Finals Venue

Los Angeles

WBC Games Schedule (March 5th & 6th)

March 5th

Game 1, 4:30 AM (EST)

March 6th

Game 2, 4:30 AM (EST)

Game 3, 10:30 PM (EST)
Losers of Game 1 & 2
Loser is eliminated.

I’ll have continued updates on the World Baseball Classic throughout the tournament. Until then, see ya at the World Baseball Classic.

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